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 Grounding Kits / Earthing Kits


A grounding kit is used to divert transient currents from lightning off the transmission line to an earth grounding system to prevent damage of cable and radio equipment. A typical installation uses four grounding kits; near the top of the main feeder cable, at the bottom of the main feeder, prior to the horizontal run and just prior to the cable entering the building. 

Grounding kits are designed to withstand all possible lighting strikes for certainty of continued operation. The non-braided, solid copper construction of grounding kits eliminates corrosion caused by moisture retention.

Accessories supplied with Grounding Kit

1. Locking Pin 
2. PVC Tape 50 mm wide, Length 10 meters 
3. Butyl rubber 50mm wide, Length 1 meter 
4. S/S Hardware M6 x50mm

Perfect Ground

We have also come up with the new Perfect Ground kit that offers even greater installation ease than standard grounding kits. The new grounding kits are factory assembled into one components and feature a pre-formed, clip-on ground strap for easy snap-on installation. A standard weatherproofing kit (tape) and a weatherproofing boot is supplied with the Perfect Ground version

Connector Earthing Kit

We also offers indoor Connector Earthing Kits consisting of S/S strap and accessories with 25 mm 2 Flexible cable.

These Earthing Kits are wrapped around the connectors inside the shelters for extra grounding.

Grounding Bars

Ground bars offer the extra mounting flexibility so often needed at many wireless communication sites. This solid copper bar accommodates vertical and 90 degree mounting configurations and provides a central point to collect grounding leads. It is ideal for towers, buildings, rooftops and anywhere grounding is required

Sizes: 2.19 mm X 19 mm X 200 mm
1. 6 mm X 350 mm X 70 mm 
As Per Customer's Requirments




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