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 Grounding Cable

2.5 mm2 y/g, 6 mm2 y/g, 16 mm2 y/g, 25 mm2 y/g, 50 mm2 y/g,, 10 mm2 y/g, 35 mm2 y/g

The clear PVC covering with ground cable is designed to allow for quick location of conductor damage. During normal usage, these cables are at ground potential, but may have to momentarily withstand full line voltage in the event that the equipment is accidentally energized.



Technical Data

Insulation Color: Green 
Insulation Tensile Strength: = 12.5 N/ mm2
Insulation Elongation: = 125% 20
Insulation Resistance: = 5000 ohm/km
Dielectric Strength: DC 2500V, 5 minutes
RoHS compliant



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