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 SS Cable Ties

300 mm2/pcs, 300mm2 (50pcs/bag), 350 mm2/pcs, 200mm2/pcs

The stainless steel ties can be fastened by hand or using pliers etc. For faster and neater installations use the SS act automatic tool. The tool will correctly tension the ties and automatically cut off the tail when this is achieved. The SS act tool can be used with any of the stainless steel ties including the coated range. High quality construction is there for a long service life.

Stainless steel Cable ties are the quick effective way of securing cables. They can be used in virtually all indoor, outdoor, heavy industrial and underground applications


  • They have a unique ball locking mechanism that allow easily and quickly installed and  can not undone.
  • High tensile strength
  • Non-flammability
  • Operating temperature: -80~+500
  • High resistance to Acetic acid, Alkali acid, Sulphuric acid, Corrode, etc. In general very resistant to most hostile environments.

Use Manner:

  • Insert the tail into the buckle. The internal locking rolls freely as the tie are tightened. You can also use the tools automatic to cut-off.

Stainless steel type: #301, #304, #316




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