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 Weather Proofing Kit
   Weather proofing kit is used to prevent moisture from entering a connection and to prevent the loosening of connection due to vibration.

The Three Different Models

We have developed economical Weather Shield to protect transmission line system against the environmental conditions in India. Weather Proofing Shields provide protection by providing a water - tight seal around the cable & dampening the vibration that loosen connector Interfaces. The Weather Shield takes just few seconds to install. Simply place the Weather Shield around connection. An Additional PVC Insulation Tape 50mm Wide x 10 Mtrs Length covers the Self Fusing Tape and forms the Weather Shield around the connector. In line we have got two different models for our customers to choose from:

A) Weather Proofing Kit - (Perfect-WP Kit) B) Weather proofing kit -Standard kit C) Weather Proofing Kit -Ordinary Kit
The Perfect WP Kit competes & compiles with both Quality & Price. Perfect WP Kit consists of: 1.Self Amalgamating Tape 19mm Wide-10 Mtrs Roll. 2. P.V.C. TAPE from WONDER USA - 10 Mtrs


Superior Model (Best Seller)- 
1. Butyl & E.P.D.M. Compound- 1 meter. 
2. P.V.C. Tape from WONDER USA - 10 meter.

Ordinary Model (Econo model) ----1. Butyl Compound -1 meter. 
2. P.V.C. TAPE from WONDER USA - 10 meter.




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